In this presentation you’ll learn the Basic Rules and tips on how to play. I’ll share All of the Logistics on the Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and how to best utilize your awesome community. I will also answers to Common Questions and share the Ins & Outs of Scoring. You’ll Find out how to Maximize Your Results from The Mommies Game.

Meredith O’Brien Canaan’s Loving our Marriage after Children
In this program I’ll share 3 Ways to Prevent Upsets and Arguments. I’ll teach you Effective and Loving Ways to Get Your Needs Met. I’ll share some keys to  Keeping Things Sexy.

Gift: Loving Your Marriage After Kids Worksheet 

Bette Levy Alkazian, LMFT & Parenting Coach’s  “Raising Great Kids Without Bribes, Threats, Spanking or Pulling Your Hair Out!”

In this program you will learn the Pitfalls to avoid: bribes, threats and spanking are tools of desperation, which shows our kids we have lost control. You will learn great tools for setting limits with your kids: and you’ll know it is POSSIBLE to take your power back, and that your kids want you to take your power back, so they will feel more secure.

Gift:  Potty Learning: The Do’s, Don’t and the Oops of Poops

MomBiz’s Lara Galloway on “Your Priorities Are Your Boss—How to Get Important Stuff Done”

In this program you will learn how having clear priorities gives you access to getting important things done. You will also learn what the magic numbers of priorities is for you. She also gives moms who run their own businesses access to a Sustainable MomBiz Business Assessment.

Gift: MomBiz Success Tool Kit

In this program you will become cognizant of the effects of self-talk through a guided exercise. You will learn the specific words that undermine your strength and how to counteract them.   You will experience practical exercises that will help you to stop “shoulding” all over yourself.

Gary Loper’s “Secrets to Building Better Love Relationships”

In this program you will learn how to love yourself and how to avoid emotional mind-fields. There are 5 different Love Languages and you will learn them so they are not a foreign dialect. Gary reveals how unpacking your bags can change the dynamic of your relationship.

Gift: Secrets to Building Better Love Relationships

Peggy Haper Lee’s “Spoiled: Savvy Parenting in the age of Entitlement.”

In this program you will understand what is causing the power struggle in your home. Peggy shares what keeps us from being consistent and what to do about it. You will also learn how to set the tone with strategies to help you keep your cool.

Lara Catone on “Sexual Wellness for Mommies.”

In this program Lara uncovers the unspoken blocks in a parent’s sex life.  She shares tips on how you can get your sexy back, and reveals proven ways to deepen intimacy and reignite passion with your partner.

Gift: 31 Ways to Keep it Hot!

Hayden Sears’s on “9 Simple Steps to a Healthier Family Diet” 

In this program  you will learn how to shape young taste buds and feed your family Grow Foods with Traffic Light Eating.  The importance of how to Raise a Grazer and why it’s important to start your day with a Brainy Breakfast.

Gift:  9 Simple Steps to a Healthier Family Diet plus more bonuses

In this program you will learn to avoid the pain of Self Judgement, Shame, or Embarrassment about your finances, and breakthrough the Money Blocks that may be holding you back from financial freedom.  Listening to this will help you feel In Control, Confident and Clear about where you stand financially and where you are headed.

Jacqueline Gamble on The most nourishing self-care practices for YOUR unique constitution
In Jacqueline’s talk on self-care from an ayurvedic perspective, you will learn how to identify the most nourishing self-care practices for YOUR unique constitution so that you can get back to the business of being a parent with grace, patience, full presence and vigor. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, literally translated as “the science of living” can help us take our self-care practices to a whole new level.

Gift: Discover Your Ayervedic Constituiton

In this program you will learn how to bring forward your greatest success so people can align with your inner beauty. She will show you how to pamper yourself while balancing your family and career.  Learn the keys to focus so you don’t loose track of yourself.  Hidi will reveal some secret short cuts to success.

Libby Carson on From Hot Mess to Hot Mama: How to lighten your Motherload and create more time for YOU.

In this program you’ll learn the five time-management mistakes most busy moms make, and what the best time-saving systems for running your household. Libby will share some great apps and resources to make your life easier.  She will show you how to create more joy, balance and ease in your life TODAY.

Gift:  Top 10 Apps for Busy Moms

Michele Pullo’s Mindset for Moms/Happycalmchild Tools for kids- How one supports the other.

In this program you will learn 3 steps to change the way you handle challenging behavior.   You’ll find out why kids react differently when we RESPOND differently. You’ll find out what happycalmchild is and why it works.

Gift: Free Lesson

Missy Bystrom’s Tricks to De-cluttering Involving Children 

In this program you will learn that there is no ONE way to Organize or Declutter.  Why it’s so important to have Balanced and Realistic Expectations.   You’ll find out the damaging effects  and how to bring awareness of all toxins and clutter surrounding you.  She’ll show you the  keys to enjoy getting your children involved in the process.

Gift: Busy Mom mp3

JuliAnn Stitick on Hot Mommy Styles 

In this program you will learn how important it is to love you, your look and the way you feel. You will find out hoe to look great every day. JuliAnn Shares secrets to simple sassy styles!

Lacy Arnold  on Fat Loss in 15 Minutes
In this program you will learn the differences between High Intensity workouts versus Long Cardio ones.  You will find out how to make each moment count when it comes to Fitness. You’ll Find out the top 3 Best Exercises that Moms can do to Tighten & Tone Their Tummies.

Cheryl Reed on Being the Voice of Your Special Needs ChildIn this program you will learn how to talk with administrators.  She will help you understand what types of interventions can be done prior to “labeling” your  child.  She will share some possible alternatives to medication. You will find out how appropriate education for your child can be developed.

Gift: Free Advocacy Webinar

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