As a relationship coach I am always reminding my clients that there are many view points.  Something happens in your marriage and you see it one way, they might have meant something Completely different, and then an argument ensues.

We had a wake up call after this election of how much our country has such different view points and opinions, and how all of our views of the world differ.  We all chose our candidate based on our perspective of how we thought our candidate would change our country for the better.

We are a country divided by sadness, fear, and hatred.  This is now our opportunity to reach across to the other side, bring compassion to our conversations, and find our common ground.  Can we bring love to the other side.

Many people all over the internet are calling names, and saying Trump is __, and the people who voted are him are too.    But what if it isn’t the truth, it’s just our view point.  Let’s try to keep all the labels out of this.  Could we open up to our loved ones who chose differently than we did in this election, and have an open and loving conversation?  Can we find our common ground?

I think we are all disheartened with many situations that our country is dealing with, we are all looking for change.  I think many on both sides are looking for the same changes, but see different paths to get there.  Let’s find out, BUT let’s do it with open hearts and open minds. I’m pretty sure I have close family members who voted differently than I did.  So it might be easier to ask a family member or a close friend who voted differently, because there is a safety there.  Or it might be easier with a stranger because you might not be so attached to the relationship.  Either way let’s start trying to close the gap and separation that we have in this country and come together to fix it.

We have an opportunity to seek out our common ground.   We tend to see what’s not in line with our values, instead of looking for what is.   We can take actions, by looking for where we can love others who don’t see our way.

I’m always saying to my clients bring compassion to your conversations, you don’t really know what’s going on inside some else’s head.

I am a stand that this country be full of LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, and COMPASSION for others!!

I will teach all of these to my clients, in their marriages, their families, and in their communities.

How can we bring love, compassion and fun to our lives and our country today?

G-d Bless America

Let’s be a United Nation – in Love!