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It may feel as though everything is completely overwhelming right now.  You may feel powerless and out of control.  But we want to assure you, you’re not.  You can have the family life you used to dream of: each member playing their part in a team that’s working towards a common goal.

But to make that happen, you need to:

  • Learn new ways to communicate: both with your spouse and with your kids
  • Figure out the specific structures that will create the team you want
  • Understand how to set limits that feel fair for everyone on the team
  • Discover effective ways to dismantle arguments… before they blow up
  • Agree a specific parenting plan going forward that puts both you and your spouse on the same page

And in the Moms’ Relationship Transformation program, that’s exactly what you’ll learn


The Moms’ Relationship Transformation program is a self-study program that makes a difference

It’s an 8 module transformational journey that will provide you with the skills and structures you need to turn your relationship around. But more than that, it will connect you with a supportive community of other moms who get exactly where you are now.

When you sign up for the program, you’ll get access to:

  • 8 Webinar training modules that will teach you the skills and techniques you need  at the beginning, then we open up the session for group coaching to help you implement what you learn in practice
  • A private online forum (on Facebook) to connect with other moms who are dealing with exactly the same issues you are
  • Assessments, tools, and homework for you, your spouse and family to help you keep getting the results you want
  • Written transcripts of all 8 Modules
  • Bonus private Session with Meredith

We won’t insult your intelligence by telling you that transforming your family into the kind of team you dream of is effortless.  But with the right skills, and a support network, we can promise you that it’ll be a lot easier (and dare we say it – a lot more FUN!) than you think.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you’ll cover during this  BONUS program…



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