What if your relationship with your family was everything you’d dreamed about?


Once upon a time you dreamed of what family life would look like

At least, if you’re like most moms, you did.  The specific details of your dream probably looked a little different to the specific details of someone else’s. But it’s a good bet that the underlying foundations were the same.

We’d be willing to bet, for example, that your dream featured:

  • A deeply connected, soul-mate spouse who loved you, supported you, and had your back whenever things got hard.
  • Kids who might act out occasionally, but who never stopped loving you (and knowing they were loved) for even an instant.
  • A sense of security, connection and peace that you could relax into whenever you thought of your marriage.
  • Above all, a truly great relationship, filled with intimacy, romance, and – let’s face it – amazing sex.

Surely that wasn’t too much to expect, was it?

Looking around you now, you can’t help wondering where that dream went

Again, if you’re anything like most moms, your life today doesn’t bear much resemblance to that dream.  In fact, if you take a step back and look at your life right now, you probably realize with dismay that:

  • Your spouse has grown distant and disconnected… in fact, the two of you seem to disagree about more things than you agree on these days.
  • Your kids throw regular tantrums and seem to take every boundary you try to set as a direct challenge.
  • Your marriage is starting to fray at the seams, and some days, in your heart of hearts, you worry that it won’t survive the stress.
  • Great sex? Seriously? Sure, it’d be nice to feel desirable and wanted again… But the reality is that you’ve had so much on your plate for so long that sex stopped being a priority long ago.

Perhaps things haven’t quite reached crisis point for you yet… but you can read the signs.  Maybe you’ve watched a friend’s marriage buckle under the pressures of parenthood, and realized with shock  and fear that the same thing could happen to you.

Regardless of exactly where you are now, you’ve come to a single unpleasant but unavoidable conclusion. If something, somewhere doesn’t change, that’s exactly where you’re heading.

Ready for the good news?  You CAN turn things around

It may feel as though everything is completely overwhelming right now.  You may feel powerless and out of control.  But we want to assure you, you’re not.  You can have the family life you used to dream of: each member playing their part in a team that’s working towards a common goal.

But to make that happen, you need to:

  • Learn new ways to communicate: both with your spouse and with your kids
  • Figure out the specific structures that will create the team you want
  • Understand how to set limits that feel fair for everyone on the team
  • Discover effective ways to dismantle arguments… before they blow up
  • Agree a specific parenting plan going forward that puts both you and your spouse on the same page

And on the Moms’ Relationship Transformation program, that’s exactly what you’ll learn

Introducing… the Moms’ Relationship Transformation Program

The Moms’ Relationship Transformation program is a self-study program that makes a difference

It’s an 8 module transformational journey that will provide you with the skills and structures you need to turn your relationship around. But more than that, it will connect you with a supportive community of other moms who get exactly where you are now.

When you sign up for the program, you’ll get access to:

  • 8 Webinar training modules that will teach you the skills and techniques you need  at the beginning, then we open up the session for group coaching to help you implement what you learn in practice
  • A private online forum (on Facebook) to connect with other moms who are dealing with exactly the same issues you are
  • Assessments, tools, and homework for you, your spouse and family to help you keep getting the results you want
  • Written transcripts of all 8 Modules
  • Bonus private Session with Meredith

We won’t insult your intelligence by telling you that transforming your family into the kind of team you dream of is effortless.  But with the right skills, and a support network, we can promise you that it’ll be a lot easier (and dare we say it – a lot more FUN!) than you think.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you’ll cover during this program…

Want to know what each training module is about?  Here’s a brief summary:


Who’s behind the Moms’ Relationship Transformation Program?

Hi there!  We’re Meredith Canaan and Bette Alkazian: the dynamic duo behind the Moms’ Relationship Transformation program.

Here’s why we’ve each felt called to join together and create the program for you.

meredithfaceappI’ve been in bad relationships before, and known the pain of divorce.I wish I knew then what I know now. After years of training and learning from my mistakes, I now help couples to avoid what I went through.

I created the Mommies’ Game for moms out of my own parenting and domestic struggles. Through it, I found Bette, instantly connected with her values, and knew I wanted to partner with her, and we created The Moms’ Relationship Transformation program, and I’m excited we did it!

Bette AlkazianAfter being the playground therapist in grade school and going through my mom’s two divorces by the time I was 12, I was determined to help people with relationships and family.

I’ve now been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Parenting Coach for over 20 years, have been married for over 30 years, and have 3 kids.

I’m so passionate about helping families! After working with Meredith on the Mommies’ Game and the Ultimate Moms’ Summit, I knew I had to work with her again on the Moms’ Relationship Transformation program. We share so many beliefs in common, and I’m so excited to be offering this program with her!

How much does the Moms’ Relationship Transformation program cost?

Testimonial Boxes -CSThe Basic program – $197. This option will give you the entire program and all of the Bonuses for one easy low priced payment.

The Payment Plan – 2 Payments of $99.  This option makes it easy on your cash flow, by breaking it up into two smaller payments.


IMPORTANT: Registration for all options closes for good soon.

Ready to transform your relationship with your spouse, your kids and your life?

Sign up for the Moms’ Relationship Transformation program now by choosing one of the following payment options:

This Great Program is just $197 or you can choose 2 payment of $99

Full Pay ButtonPayment Plan Button

We’ve also put together some juicy supporting Bonuses for you

We want to make your experience with the Moms’ Relationship Transformation program as effective and transformational as possible.  That’s why we’ve put together some extra bonuses that will maximize the results you get from the program.

So when you sign up for it, you’ll also get:

  • 6 Webinar interviews from The Ultimate Moms’ Summit: This summit was designed to help make moms’ lives easier.  You’ll get a selection of webinars including:


5 audio classes from The Mommies’ Game: this popular Telesummit + challenge was designed to help overwhelmed moms.  You’ll get a selection of the classes from that challenge, including:

  • Lara Catone’s “Sexual Wellness for Mommies”:uncover the unspoken blocks in your sex life as a parent, get your sexy back, and reignite your passion with your partner.
  • ­ Mamak Charepoo’s  “7 Days 7 Ways to STOP the Negative Self-talk”:get clear on the effect of self-talk, and learn the specific words that undermine your strength (plus how to counteract them).
  • Lara Galloway (of MomBiz)’s “Your Priorities Are Your Boss—How to Get Important Stuff Done”: learn how clear priorities give you access to getting the important things done, and figure out what the “magic number of priorities” is for you.
  • Gary Loper’s “Secrets to Building Better Love Relationships”:learn how to love yourself and avoid emotional minefields, plus discover that the 5 love languages don’t need to be a foreign dialect.
  • Peggy Harper Lee’s “Spoiled: Savvy Parenting in the Age of Entitlement”:understand what causes the power struggles in your home, and learn how to set the tone with strategies that help you keep your cool.(Total value of all recordings: $235)Testimonial Boxes -CM
  • A copy of Bette’s book “Parenting Backwards:Raising our kids to become fabulous adults by looking forward and working backwards”.
    (Value: $19)
  • An individual coaching session with Meredith: learn how to kick start this program, and get a chance to ask your burning questions in this bonus coaching session with Meredith. ($247 value)** Limited Amount Available per week


And then, there’s our personal  guarantee

imgresWe want you to feel 100% confident when you click the “Order now” button.  That’s why we’re offering you our personal guarantee: if you sign up and then decide at any point within the first three weeks that the program isn’t right for you, just let us know.  We’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

But remember: registration closes for good on … soon, so you need to sign up before then!

Ready to transform your relationship with your spouse, your kids and your life?

Sign up for the Moms’ Relationship Transformation program now by choosing one of the following options:

This Great Program is just $197 or you can choose 3 payment of $99

Full Pay ButtonPayment Plan Button

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Still deciding whether the Moms’ Relationship Transformation program is right for you?

We understand, and we don’t want you to feel at all pressured.  We only want you to sign up for the Moms’ Relationship Transformation program if it genuinely feels like a good fit for you.

But if the reason you’re still deciding is that you need more information, we’d love to answer any questions you have.  Just schedule a call with Meredith here: CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is the course delivered?

This program is a Self-Study so you can go at your own place.  You will have an ALL Access Page to get your content.  To help you stay on track, we will also send you weekly emails to help keep you moving forward.


Q. If my husband and I are barely talking anymore, is it too late for me to change the dynamics of our relationship?

Absolutely not! The truth is, whether you are madly in love or arguing like cats and dogs, it’s vital for your children’s sake that you work on the relationship with their father.   There are always different techniques that we can teach you that will dramatically change the dynamics of your relationship.

Q. Is this course useful for parents of toddlers or infants?

This course is perfect for new parents of infants and toddlers, as this can be some of the most difficult times on a marriage for both parents, and keeping a close and intimate connection with each other can make all of the difference in the world.  If you’re concerned about your relationship with your husband, it’s a good time to take this course.

Q. I’m exhausted all of the time, I’m not sure I have the energy to add one more thing, is this program going to help me?

When we as moms forget to take care of ourselves, all of our relationships suffer.   We will teach you the foundations that will help you regain your energy, and vitality so you can enjoy your husband and your children again.

Q. What  up?



Ready to Join us, remember here’s what you’ll get:

Sign up now for the Moms’ Relationship Transformation Program is just $197 or you can choose 2 payment of $99

Full Pay ButtonPayment Plan Button




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