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Being a Mom can be exhausting at the best of times… but if you feel like you’re doing it alone, it can seem just about impossible. Are you:

  • Sick of stressing out about the constant battles with your kids?
  • Tired of feeling as though you have to do this parenting thing on your own?
  • Worried that your marriage might not survive the stress of raising children?

Don’t despair!  These three free training calls will teach you proven techniques to improve your marriage AND your family relationships.

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Want to know what’s in each training session?

Training #1 – Mama’s a Happy Parent: create a family team that works

Discover a holistic approach to creating family unit that runs smoothly AND includes fun, freedom and romance. Plus learn to:

  • Communicate clearly with your spouse about the “parenting rules” you each subscribe to
  • Ensure you’re both on the same page with your expectations going forward
  • Create a “single family team” mentality that allows you both to relax into the knowledge that you’re going in the same parenting direction

Training #2 – Mama’s a Happy Wife: rescue your relationship with your husband

Identify the triggers and buttons that lead to arguments and resentments, and avoid the pain and separation they cause.  Plus, learn to:

  • Recognize the damaging effects of unspoken expectations, and stop allowing the hurt and upset they cause to fester
  • Understand the most common sources of upsets between parents, and notice when you’re about to fall into a pattern
  • Communicate clearly with your spouse to get the specific help and support you need

Training #3 – Mama’s Got a Happier Life: create a more fulfilling life for yourself and your family

Create harmony and ease in your home and your family, so that everyone can get more quality out of life.  Learn how to weave raising kids into having a great relationship with your husband.  Plus, learn to

  • Reconnect with a spouse who’s grown distant (and remember what great sex is really like)
  • Help your kids move beyond the tantrums they throw whenever you set boundaries
  • Strengthen your marriage and feel confident that, whatever happens, the two of you can deal with it together

These three free training sessions will teach you the skills you need to do the best you can at the toughest job you’ll ever have … being a mama!

Parenting and relationship experts Bette Alkazian & Meredith Canaan have coached hundreds of mamas like you.  Here’s what just a few of them have to say about the experience:

“The biggest take away for me was the undivided attention I was able to give my children and the ways in which I was able to ask for the support that had been sitting around watching and waiting for me to just ASK.”

– K. Jamila, mother of 4 kids under 4

“Great and very informative call from Bette…I loved the mommy angry time out part  I am going to do that now onwards. Thanks so much The Mommies Game for all the free training, help and information we are getting. Thanks again, Bette.”

-P. Anand, mother of 3 year old boy

“I just finished listening to Meredith’s free recording and just wanted to personally thank you! I have an amazing husband who puts up with all my complaining, ha! No more of that, time to communicate. And I so appreciate and love the BJ mystery answered! I get it now!”

!” - K. Lehman, mother of 1 daughter

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