Q: Is the Summit Free?

A: Yes the entire Summit is free. You can attend the Interviews live or catch the replays.

Q: I haven’t received the access instructions for the interviews yet, when will I get it?

A: We will be sending the access information the night before the interviews, and agian 15 minutes prior to each live interview.

Q: How do I attend the interviews?

We will be delivering the Interviews via a system called zoom.us.   You can go head and go to the website and download the app for viewing ahead of time.  Zoom also provides phone numbers, locally and internationally if you would like to attend by phone and listen in.

Q: Will There be Replays?

Yes.  We are all busy Parents and I know it’s not easy to get to things when you want, so I give a pretty generous replay period.

Q: I missed Yesterday’s Interview - is the replay available?

Because there are many back to back video interviews, it sometimes takes me a day or so after the interview to get it up and available. Don’t worry you will have at least 48 hours of replay for each interview.

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